Winter Stuff for Kids

sledEvery winter, when, looking out the window, we find a smile drifts sparkling snow in the sun, we are reminded of his childhood sled, which are gathering dust in the attic, balconies and storage rooms piled high with other necessary things and not so.

Some of us venture out of protected areas in their own apartments to extract rare thing – about battered, sometimes rusty and rotten wooden sled with metal runners. However, making sure that this structure has lost its relevance 10 years ago, with a sigh of regret, we hide it back “into the chest” until better times. Is it time to upgrade your sled ?! After all, it would be desirable to drive themselves, and rapidly rising generation will never give up this winter fun.

Today the market of winter toys amazing variety represented in the range of sleigh. Here there is a wood-metal counterparts sleds from our distant childhood, and mega-speed sled, made of plastic, and the sled more like a lifeline, but provides a fireworks of emotions on a ski slope. What sleigh choose?

The company Pelican International, a well-known Canadian manufacturer of sports goods, the domestic market offers a wide range of toys and winter, particularly sleds. Driven primarily own desires, you can choose the perfect sled to ride a rollercoaster for you and your children. And you can be sure that each model is made at the highest level of quality of the modern frost-resistant materials.

You want speed? Choose a sled 293 Mega Snow Runner.
All you need to do is to set the maximum speed is scattered, how to push and flopping down on the sled, be carried away with the speed of outer liner down from the hill. Special aerodynamic design sleds, strong cast construction and provided for Stability guide strip on the bottom will allow you and your child fast, safe and fun to fly off the hills, holding fast to the cast handles.